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Knowing why your body is reacting to certain foods, with symptoms such as acid reflux and bloating, is key to your journey to digestive health. This week Rebecca speaks to Dr Norm Robillard Ph.D. Dr Robillard is the founder of The Digestive health Institute, a gut expert, microbiologist, author of the Fast Tract Diet book series and the Fast Tract Diet app. The Fast Tract Diet, which has been used successfully by many people with SIBO to calm their digestive symptoms. Dr Robillard had his own gastric issues with acid reflux and this is what led him to start to explore the issues with carbohydrates and fermentation. Rebecca and Dr Robillard delve into the Fast Tract Diet, and talk at what gut health benefits can be achieved by lowering the fermentation of the foods that you are consuming. To see full show notes, head to

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