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Dr. Tommy Wood, MD, PhD, specializes in studying brain trauma in newborns. And his passion is translating that research into lessons we can all use to help us protect our brains as we age.

For instance, we should challenge and stimulate our brains, but how much is “enough”? We should eat a healthy Diet and exercise regularly. But what’s the best Diet to follow? What kind of exercise is best? And what role does sleep, social connections, and genetics play?

Dr. Wood and I explore these topics, and more.

Table of contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:40 Welcome, Dr. Tommy Woods
3:19 Translating neonates study to preventing Alzheimer’s disease
12:24 The minimum threshold for the brain’s stimulus needed
17:17 How muscle mass relates to brain function
25:15 A keto Diet, exogenous ketones and cognitive health
31:26 The role of Omega 3 FA and DHA
37:40 The connection between nutrient deficiency and cognitive decline
41:53 Different lifestyle choices for people with different genes?
48:30 Sleep and its effect to cognitive well-being
51:59 Intermittent fasting, autophagy and cognitive decline

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