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0:00 – Start here
02:55 – Risks & returns
03:53 – Average stock returns
06:22 – Are you gambling?
08:49 – What is a stock?
11:56 – Best Investing Apps (USA)
15:40 – Best Investing Apps (International)
17:00 – Types of brokerage accounts
19:16 -4 key Investing strategies
29:12 – Active vs passive investing
31:38 – Important stock indexes
34:30 – stock market sectors
36:02 – Mutual funds vs ETFs
38:16 – How to find winning stocks
44:44 – Gathering Information
49:03 – Reading financial statements
50:10 – Understanding Financial metrics
55:21 – Understanding financial ratios
55:58 – Earnings per share (EPS)
57:09 – Price to earnings ratio (P/E)
1:01:04 – Price/earnings to growth (PEG)
1:02:36 – Quick ratio
1:04:32 – Return on Equity (ROE)
1:06:40 – Return on assets (ROA)
1:08:05 – Debt to equity ratio
1:09:59 – Free cash flow (FCF)
1:11:08 – Price to book ratio (P/B)
1:12:38 – Dividends
1:15:10 – Common stock traps
1:22:14 – How much should you invest?
1:24:22 – Bull vs Bear markets
1:26:22 – Market order types
1:29:07 – Short selling explained
1:31:50 – Investment taxes
1:34:00 – Best investing books
1:36:56 – Next steps

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