Stock Market for Beginners: Must know Financial Ratios Before Investing in a Stock | CA Aleena Rais Max Health Wealth

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stock market for Beginners – In this episode of Groww Originals, our guest speaker Aleena Rais has spoken about 6 financial ratios one needs to check before investing in a stock. #stockmarketforbeginners #stockmarket #peratio #pbratio #earningpershare #bookvalue #debttoequityratio #roe #currentratio To watch more videos on Stocks and Mutual Funds, Subscribe to Groww Channel 👉 and hit the 🔔 to watch our videos first. ⚡ Top 5 Viral Videos on Groww ⚡ ✅ IDFC Vs HDFC: ✅ ITC Stock Analysis: ✅ Best Mutual Funds: ✅ Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Investments: ✅ Ashok Leyland Stock Analysis: Useful Links: To learn more about Mutual Funds…

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