Dietitian Reacts to the KPop Diet (the Pressure is INHUMANE) Max Health Wealth

photo of woman using selfie stick

Thank you to Built Bar for sponsoring this video! Check out my link to get 15% your Built Bar order: and use code AbbeySharp15 Hi everyone, welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In today’s video we will be diving into the world of K-pop Diet culture. Apologies for the incorrect image of Suji. Our editor googled the images to add them and we didn’t catch the error. Our mistake! I also want to apologize for misspeaking when stating the order of these women’s names. I now understand that their names (Name Surname) are Ji-eun Lee (IU), Su-ji Bae (Suji), and Ji-hyun Kang (Soyou). Thank you…

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