Radically Transform Your Health Through a Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet Max Health Wealth

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A whole-food, plant-based Diet has demonstrated the ability to prevent and reverse the majority of chronic illnesses. This video will explain what a whole-food, plant-based Diet is, the evidence supporting its ability to reverse chronic illness and radically improve one’s health, and practical steps for adopting this lifelong joyful way of eating. Dr. Anthony Lim shares some of his own personal journey, the experiences and successes of some of his patients, and takes the time to answer several questions from the live audience. This is a recording of a free webinar, recorded on October 20, 2020. Speaker: Anthony Lim, M.D.,…

How A Plant-Based Diet Saved My Life Max Health Wealth

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In this presentation, I explain How A Plant-Based Diet Saved My Life after just having a life-threatening stroke as well as the steps I took afterward to regain my health. Not only did I lose 18lbs and drop my blood pressure back to normal, but I was also able to get off all of my medications in just 30 days. Blog Posts: How My Diet Saved My Life – After The Stroke – Self Care After A Stroke – Back to Basics – Red Chile Recipe – Videos: I Had A What?! – Walking Wednesday – 2021 Challenge – Paid…

Ketosis v. Plant-Based – Diet Wars with Cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD Max Health Wealth

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The nutrition debate is as emotional as it is divisive. To help divine truth from fiction, I sat down with cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD. Enjoy! ✌🏼🌱 – Rich AUDIO PODCAST & EPISODE BLOG Apple Podcasts: JOEL KAHN, MD * * * * * CONNECT WITH RICH ✩ Website – ✩ Pod: Rich Roll Podcast – ✩ Memoir: Finding Ultra ✩ Meals – ✩ Cook – The Plantpower Way ✩ Italian! – The Plantpower Way: Italia ✩ Support – SOCIALS ✩ Instagram – ✩ Twitter – ✩ Facebook – ✩ Strava – AUDIO GEAR ✩ Shure SM7B Mics ✩ Zoom H6…

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