This Roman Diet Is The Secret To Old Age | The Art Of Living: Sardinia | Tonic Max Health Wealth

In a city on the Italian island of Sardinia, people have lived longer than in the rest of the world since Roman times. Naturally, Niklas wants to find out what makes this mythical place so special. In this food and lifestyle documentary series, internationally renowned chef Niklas Ekstedt explores the secret of living past the age of 100. He’s travelling to six of the world’s ‘blue zones’ – regions such as Sardinia, Costa Rica, and Okinawa in Japan, where unusually high numbers of people reach an advanced age – in a quest to find the recipe for a long and…

3 Healthy High Protein Vegetarian Recipes | Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep | Quick and Easy Recipes Max Health Wealth

Ciao, in this video I am sharing 3 Mediterranean Diet recipes that are both high in protein as well as vegetarian! All 3 recipes are super easy, incredibly quick to make, and are absolutely delicious – especially for meal prep! I hope you enjoy this video, thank you so much for watching and I hope you have a zestful week! ♡ …………… want to be friends? ⋒ ⋒ ⋒ Create a Zest Life links ☼ lemony lentil meatballs with pistachio pesto recipe ☼ crispy spiced chickpeas ☼ olive parmesan quinoa cakes with creamy roasted red pepper sauce recipe tags ⋒…

Mediterranean Diet Full Day of Eating | Quick & Healthy Recipes | Balanced & Intuitive Eating Max Health Wealth

vegetable salad on white ceramic plate

Ciao, in this video I am sharing a full day of eating, 4 delicious recipes/meals for the summer. I live the Mediterranean Diet/lifestyle so all these recipes are healthy, well-balanced, use real ingredients, and are incredibly easy to make! Thank you so much for watching and I hope you create a zestful day! ♡ …………… want to be friends? ⋒ ⋒ ⋒ Create a Zest Life links ☼ Crostata Recipe ☼ Tomato Feta Salad with Kalamata Date Dressing ☼ Brown Butter Halva Cookies Adaption (I halved the recipe and subbed both the sugars for coconut sugar and both flours for…

My Cutting DIET & ROUTINE | Healthy Recipes + Grocery Haul Max Health Wealth

young asian man doing training with gym equipment

In today’s video I show you my updated cutting Diet and workout routine! Easy and healthy on the go recipes as well as a breakdown of my go to grocery haul items for a successful 2,500 calorie cut. BARE PERFORMANCE NUTRITION SUPPS- CODE ‘TENNY” 💪🏻 SMOOTHIE: 250ml Coconut Water Juice of 1 Lime 100g Pineapple 175g Greek Yogurt 0% 40g Celery 75g Spinach 1 Apple 75g Cucumber OVERNIGHT OATS: 90g Oatmeal 175g Yogurt 250ml Nut Milk 1 Scoop (32g) Protein Powder 1/2 Cup Fruit of choice TOFU SCRAMBLE: 450g Firm Tofu 100g Kale 350g Potato 75g Bell Pepper 2 Cloves…

I Tried My Partner’s Diet For An Entire Week | Max Health Wealth

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Our #BudgetEats extraordinaire is back—this time trying her partner’s Diet for an entire week. That’s right; June isn’t allowed to make any modifications or cook for seven whole days while following the “Aaron Diet“. Full story: HOST: June Xie video DIRECTOR + PRODUCER: Julia Smith EDITOR: Zach Lennon-Simon ART: Sarah Ceniceros + Allie Folino ANIMATION: Vineet Sawant POST-PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Philip Swift SUBSCRIBE to delish: FOLLOW for more #DELISH! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Google+: source Welcome to Max Health Wealth

I Made 10 Low FODMAP Diet Meals For 2 People On A $25 Budget | Budget Eats | Delish Max Health Wealth

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We’ve had a BUNCH of request to try out this low FODMAP Diet here on ‘Budget Eats’ so today, June’s gonna give it a go! While also incorporating a ‘no nightshades’ rule, June sees what she can do with a $25 budget! FODMAP stands for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols. These short-chain carbohydrates can cause digestive distress for some after consuming them. So, if you’re one of those people, try out some of these amazing recipes! Recipes: Pineapple Chicken recipe:  Cornbread Panzanella recipe:  Chicken Pad Thai recipe:  CHAPTERS 00:00:00-00:05:38 INTRO + HAUL 00:05:39-00:18:30 DAY ONE 00:18:31-00:35:42 DAY TWO 00:35:43-00:49:47…

Healthy Recipes to Lose Weight

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Do you want to lose weight with healthy recipes, but don’t feel like following a strict Diet for months. Do you secretly hate diets but you want to feel better with your body? Then you are probably looking for an easy way in which you enjoy your food but still lose those excess kilos. The healthy recipes from this article will help you lose weight within a week. Of course, we do this in a healthy way so that these kilos actually stay off. Use the advice and healthy recipes and make sure you lose weight in a short time….

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