Balanced Diet and Deficiency Diseases | Components of Food – L2 | Class 6 Science | Vedantu Junior Max Health Wealth

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🧠Test Your Brain With V Quiz👉 Balanced Diet and Deficiency Diseases – ✅ Visit Chapter-wise Courses for Preparation: ➡️ Watch our new session on ‘Components of Food’. Learn the complete details about the Balanced Diet and Deficiency Diseases which is one of the most important topics of Class 6 Science If you follow this live session you will definitely get good knowledge about Diet. Meet Andreena Sung ma’am enlightens you with today’s topic of ‘Balanced Diet and Deficiency Diseases’ under chapter ‘Components of Food’ in an effective way. ✅ Download PDF here: ➡️ Make Balanced Meals: ➡️ Prescribe Nutrients Doctor:…

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