Can Beans Help You Lose Weight? | Max Health Wealth

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Can eating beans help you shed unwanted pounds? Find out whether beans are the key to weight loss when Dr. Neal Barnard joins “The weight loss Champion” on The Exam Room LIVE! Dr. Barnard also answers other questions about vegan diets that were sent to The Doctor’s Mailbag. – Is stevia healthy? – Can a plant-based Diet get rid of “man boobs”? – Can a “mostly” plant-based Diet still improve heart health? – More than 10 others! Have a question? Leave it in the comments or chat and we’ll get to as many as we can. Subscribe to The Exam…

How to Do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide Max Health Wealth

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Please hit that red SUBSCRIBE button! Get Groceries DELIVERED with Thrive! Also check out all my keto & fasting essentials from Thrive Market: This video does contain a paid partnership with a brand that helps to support this channel. It is because of brands like this that we are able to provide the content that we do for free. Join my Email List: Get my Free Newsletter and Downloadable Cheatsheets (eating out, travel, etc): Follow More of My Daily Life on Instagram: This video will serve as a complete guide to those wanting to begin a keto Diet, or are…

Protein quality – Max Health Wealth

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Animal proteins are complete, more bioavailable, and come with fewer calories and carbs than plant proteins. But you can still meet your protein needs with exclusively plant protein sources if you wish. You need to deliberately mix plant sources, and aim for a higher overall intake. Peter Ballerstedt and Simon Hill discuss the pertinent details to help you make better protein choices. Table of content: 0:00 Introduction 2:41 Peter Ballerstedt, PhD 7:17 Protein intake and requirements for the human body 14:56 Addressing the issue with new protein products 27:15 Thoughts on growing crops for the livestocks 39:29 Simon Hill 46:39…

Why we need muscle — Max Health Wealth

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Developing and maintaining muscle mass could be the key to living vibrantly and extending healthspan. In this episode, Stuart Phillips, PhD, helps us understand why muscle is so important and the best ways to develop healthy muscle. We explore practical tips for resistance training, the role of protein, and questions surrounding protein intake and longevity. Phillips is an expert in both the science and the practical application of the best tools to improve your muscle mass and improve your health. His expertise will help you learn how to get started building muscle today. Table of contents: 0:00 Introduction 2:17 Welcome,…

The case for keto – Diet Doctor Podcast Max Health Wealth

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Have you struggled to lose weight despite doing “everything right?” Gary Taubes has a potential solution. His latest book, The Case for keto, expertly explains why a low-carb Diet may be the answer. Table of content: 0:00 Introduction 2:37 Personalized meal plan ads 3:47 Welcome, Gary Taubes 4:07 The Case for keto: who’s it for? 7:50 Gary’s personal journey on writing the book 12:31 Misconception of the word “hunger” in the health community 16:15 The story of starvation psychosis from the book 20:28 Fat gain in obesity vs in biochemistry textbook 30:47 The issue with diets being unsustainable 36:55 Populations…

Ketogenic diets and epilepsy Max Health Wealth


Ketogenic diets have been used to treat seizures for 100 years. Dr. Eric Kossoff talks about the history of keto diets as well as the current status. We discuss how these concepts apply to kids and adults, and what else it can tell us about the safety and utility of ketosis. Table of content: 0:00 Opening 1:26 The current progression of keto for epilepsy 6:12 The controversy about keto 8:51 The correlation between keto and epilepsy 13:44 Main factors that affect an epilepsy treatment 17:23 Epileptic difference in kids and adults Subscribe to our channel if you don’t want to…

Best of 2022 — Diet Doctor Podcast

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It’s hard to believe another year has come and gone with another 25 episodes of the Diet Doctor Podcast. While we enjoyed every single one of them, here is a breakdown of our 10 favorite episodes. Our top 10 cover the importance of protein, the role of exercise, the emerging science in the field of cholesterol, the controversy around seed oils, the power of time-restricted eating, and the scourge of insulin resistance. Table of content 0:00 Introduction 1:41 The power of protein with Dr. Ted Naiman, MD 5:13 Protein – the most important nutrient for health with Dr. Eenfeldt 8:40…

What You Know About the KETO DIET Is WRONG! This Is What NEW STUDIES Are Showing | Max Health Wealth

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Are you feeling you are lacking motivation or are unsure how to achieve your goals? Then head on over to There you can register and get access to a free workshop. The ketogenic Diet is so popular that it was searched over 25 million times in one year. Some experts support its effectiveness to help people lose weight, while others claim that it’s the worst Diet to try. Research and data have advanced and proven that everyone has it wrong. Dr. Steven Gundry is with Tom explaining why he and the rest of the medical community got ketosis all wrong….

Vegetable oils: Are they healthy? – Diet Doctor Podcast Max Health Wealth

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Some authorities promote vegetable oils as a “health food” but others see them as a clear danger to our health. Observational studies suggest they are beneficial to our health, but mechanistic studies suggest they can cause significant harm. How do we make sense of the disparate views? Our panel of experts weighs in and helps us put things in perspective. Table of contents: 0:00 Introduction 5:51 Ethan Weiss, MD 7:02 Dr. Weiss on the topic of vegetable oil 10:56 Counselling a patient about vegetable oil 15:30 Nicola Guess, RD 19:13 Does it matter where the vegetable oil originates? 26:02 The…

Keto diet beats Weight Watchers Max Health Wealth

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A new study shows a ketogenic Diet app intervention leads to greater weight loss and blood sugar improvements than a weight Watchers app intervention. The low carb group showed greater improvements while eating the same number of calories. Does this show a metabolic advantage to carbohydrate reduction? Also, what is the implication of the Diet being a Mediterranean based keto and its role on LDL? In this video we have the bonus of a special interview with Dr. Ethan Weiss, one of the study’s authors. Read more about the study: Subscribe to our channel if you don’t want to miss…

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