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In this Mindvalley Live Los Angeles talk, founder of globally renowned ‘Wildfit’ Eric Edmeades is about to share a revolutionary concept in the world of health and fitness that STICKS! 🥬🏋️ Want Eric’s top health tips? Watch this next 👉

There are hundreds of diets…and it’s a fact that every time you go on one, statistically it’s very probable that it won’t actually lead to long term weight loss 🤯

Something is very dysfunctional about modern dieting – and most of them are far from healthy…

So why is WildFit so different?

WildFit isn’t so much a Diet…it’s a lifestyle. Every animal has a ‘Diet’, one that lasts a lifetime, and so do humans. WildFit is just that – the human Diet that sticks 🙋

Through carefully planned psychological techniques to strengthen your food angel 👼

…and weaken that food devil…😈

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